Domain names are the human readable IP addresses of a website. It is interesting to note that domain name can never be more than sixty- three characters(which excludes .com, .org, .net, .edu, etc.)

The domain URL contains the protocol, subdomain and then comes the domain and domain suffix.

Let’s read  full meaning of  Domain:


https: ( Protocol)

www. (Subdomain) (domain and domain suffix)

Root Domains

It is the main priority in any URL. It is the name of the website which is bought by the registrars. For example: if a website name is Todays Era, then the domain name can be In this, is the root domain of the website.

what is domain


Subdomains are the third priority of any domain. It is the free distinction given by the internet to every website. It contains the complete website name. as taken earlier, if we take the example of a website called girls nation, then will be the root domain and will be the subdomain.

If you are keeping the domain name as then this means that there is no subdomain. The complete URL will be


Types of domains:

We can have following domain extensions:



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