What Is Cocubes? – All you need to know about Cocubes


All you need to know about Cocubes

What Is Cocubes?

What Is Cocubes?

Gone are the days in todaysera, when one used to scan through the newspapers and search for jobs and apply. Everything is digitalized. One such advancement is the platform Cocubes which is Connecting Colleges and companies.

All you need to do is fill up the form and take a Cocubes test. Your score decides if you are eligible or not for the company. It’s like a single common test that shall work for a high number of companies.

Official Website: https://www.cocubes.com/

Companies On Cocubes

Many good companies are there on Cocubes, including

  • Samsung R&D
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe(For females only)
  • Capgemini
  • Tata
  • Bosch
  • Huawei

Cocubes is an online test. They give you marks on a scale of 200 to 800. Any score above 580 is a good score and helps you find a job quickly. Apart from that, they analyze a student’s personality based on a psychometric test. It helps companies understand the nature of the employee they want to recruit. Cocubes gives you a detailed report of your score, your personality and the job profile you can apply for.

Job Profiles in Cocubes

The job profiles are:

  • Analyst
  • Customer service executive
  • Graduate engineer(plant)
  • Graduate engineer(R&D)
  • Network engineer
  • Operations executive
  • Sales executive
  • Software developer
  • Software engineer
  • Software tester

About The Test:

The test comprises of following sections:

  • Aptitude (Quantitative, English, Analytical)
  • WET(Written English test)
  • Domain Test
  • Coding test
  • Psychometric test
  • Computer Fundamentals

One needs to have good speed to solve the aptitude section. You need to solve 60 questions in 60 minutes. 20 questions from English, 20 from Quants and 20 from analytical. The questions are moderate. It’s just the time factor, the fast and smart you are, the more you can score.

Sites for Aptitude Practice

One can practice aptitude from:

  • Indiabix
  • Campus gate
  • Hitbullseye
  • Prepinsta

For English, one needs to be a quick reader and should have a good vocabulary. This helps a lot in scoring well. The analytical section was good, one should know how to read graphs and basic statistics like mean median etc. Good knowledge of Charts and plots shall help.


For the quantitative section, one needs a good base in:

  • Speed, Distance and Time
  • Percentage
  • Work
  • Profit loss
  • Number series
  • Probability

Speed is a great factor, so one needs to practice a lot. You will not have a calculator, so make sure you can do fast mental calculations or learn tricks and formulae

Again, there are sites like indiabix, campusgate to help you for the same.

The Written English test is a 25 minutes test. You need to write an essay that shall bring out your writing skills. The trick here is to break down the content into paragraphs. Use small and simple sentences. Express your thoughts in a clear fashion.

Then comes the Domain test. Prepare your domain area well. It will not be that tough since you have been studying it in your course. It’s 20 questions, single correct MCQ test and you shall be provided 20 minutes for it.

Coding Test

The coding round is moderate and it tests your basic skills. You are given three questions in 45 minutes. It is a 15 minute per question exam. You can code in C, C++, and Java or C #. The marks division may vary in the three questions .total marks is 10 divided into three questions.

The questions are from string manipulation and arrays. Be clear with basic searching and sorting. You can always prepare yourself in coding from sites like hackerrank, hackerearth and geeksforgeeks.

The data type is mentioned and it’s basically int. the range is also 10^6.Almost anyone who can code, can solve, the risk is analyzing and coding in that short span.

Psychometric Test

Then comes the Psychometric test. One needs to answer 50 questions about oneself. All are single correct multiple correct. You get 10 minutes to answer.

Computer Fundamentals

The computer fundamentals section is quite easy. You need to know the basic of computers that is needed to fit in this digital era. Good knowledge of computer architecture will suffice. It’s a ten minutes, ten questions test.

Thus, this is the test format. Once you take this pre-assess test, you get your Cocubes score in two-three days. Many companies post jobs, based on your score, the Cocubes platform notifies one’s eligibility for a particular firm. You can use their filters and apply for companies. So, in a few days expect interview call. Prepare well and clear the interview and earn the job!

It’s that easy. Cocubes has actually connected colleges and companies. Many children apply on their own or apply through college. Cocubes collaborates and subsidizes the rate of the test for the participating institute’s students.

Your Cocubes score is valid for a year. So prepare well and take the test. Cocubes has always helped students find a good job. Every one out of 2 students has found a job through this.

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