Study for a Bachelors’ Degree

It is common knowledge these days that in order to get a job, one needs to be at least a graduate. This is applicable for every kind of job and is independent of the discipline followed while achieving the Bachelors’ Degree.

At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution the global workforce comprised primarily of workers. These workers earned their living by working in factories and their jobs entailed not that much of an investment of their intellect. Some jobs were even as mundane as the repetitive act of turning the nut over a screw and doing nothing else. Apart from the workforce, there were farmers, ranchers and herders.

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The work of these people required a huge investment of physical labor in order to get the job done. The farmer needed to sweat all day and plough his farmland, fertilize it, and water it for growing crops. He ploughed his farm land using a pair of bulls since tractors those days were few in number and used by rich farmers who were fewer in number. Ranchers spent their whole day on horseback in herding their stock of bulls and cows, branding them and practicing their shooting skills by fending off rustlers.

In North America, the daily life of ranchers gave way to the glory and aura of a cowboy who was nothing but a rancher who spent his time doing the work of a rancher. Some of them earned a knack of pulling the trigger faster than anyone else and made their name immortal as gunfighters. Notable examples include Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp.

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Herders maintained a size able flock of sheep and earned their bread and butter by selling the wool and the meat. Neither of the three had an easy life to begin with but at the same time neither of them required a Bachelors’ level education also.

Today, the scenario is completely a different one. Taking the example of the worker, the farmer, the rancher, and the herder again; these four have had their lives and their jobs complicated to a much greater degree than ever before. The farmer now uses crop dusters, tractors and a host of other farming equipment to maintain his farmland. He typically spends his evening having a chilled bottle of beer and watching television.

At the end he dreams of putting his son to the college one day. The rancher akin to the farmer also uses lots of machines to get his job done and does a host of other things that are not directly related to ranching but profitable for him nevertheless.

For example, a horse-breeder takes his horses to participate in races and specializes in breeding top-notch horses. In order to do so, he makes use of the latest tools given to him by genetic technology. The herder now forsakes is nomadic life and settles down in one area where he maintains his herd again by using the latest assets of science and technology. He along with the farmer and the rancher dreams of getting his son to college one day.

Why do all three have a similar dream?

All three are quite justified in their dreams not only from the perspective of parents but also from a practical standpoint. As mentioned earlier, all of them make use of machinery a lot. Their lifestyle includes a notable usage of technology as well. They have learnt the usage of technology the hard way but they have also realized one thing: They need not have taken the hard way since an easy way looks at them with a questioning eye.

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This way is that of a college education or in other words that of a bachelors’ degree. An intermingling of professions can take place between a college-educated farmer, rancher, herder and worker. Moreover they can also discover their niche in terms of talent and use their college education to transform this talent as lucrative sources of earning.

Finally, the world over is realizing the important of a college-level education and in many countries a Bachelors’ degree is seen to be the stepping stone towards rewarding careers. This degree is therefore extremely important and it would be nothing short of a folly should one take it in a casual manner. To sum it up, studying seriously for a bachelors’ degree is extremely important.


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