After internet  the connectivity between the PC’s became a revolutionary thing, which requires  need of a new programming language.

So due to all these needs the java came in light as programmer friendly language and a platform. Today for a professional programmer coding skills in java matters a lot for becoming a successful programmer.

 Java Overview Knowledgetpoint

  • The origins of Java-

Java was first introduced by James Gosling and his team  at sun Micro systems in 1991 .Its initial name was “oak” but was finally renamed as “Java” in 1995 .In initial stage their main motive was not to create a language for internet.

But to create a language which should be platform independent and could be used to make software’s for basic electronic devices like microwave oven, remote controls .At that time main problem was such as most  of the programming languages were made up for compiling for a specific target.

A full compiler was required for compile the program  on different platforms. Creating a compiler is an expensive and time consuming process.

So gosling and his team worked on portable, cross platform language that could produce code that would run on different platforms under different conditions.

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  •  Relationship with other languages-

It adopts a lot of basics features of C & C++ .Like its syntax is similar to that of C. And it also inherit the object model from C++.

So this feature of java makes it easy to grasp to those who have an experience of C/C++ programming. And a java programmer can also easily switch to C/C++ programming. So java represent the progress in programming languages from C to C++ to java. After few years of java Microsoft launched C#.

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Java also have some features similar to C# like same C++ style syntax, support distributed programming e.t.c.

  • Influence over internet-

Along with simplifying web designing java also introduced applets. An applet is a special kind of java programme that is designed to be transmitted over the internet and automatically executed by java compatible web browser.

Along with all this java also works well with some of the very important concerns associated with the internet like portability and security.

Java deals with the security concern by coffining an applet to java execution environment and not allows it to access other part of computer which may have some private data like credit card numbers, passwords e.t.c.

Portability is another feature of java due to which a same applet can run on different varieties of CPUs, operating systems and browsers connected to the internet.

  • Base of security & portability :Bytecode-

So the output of java is not an executable code rather it is a bytecode .Bytecode is a highly optimized set of instructions designed to be executed on java run-time system called Java Virtual machine (JVM). JVM is designed as an interpreter of bytecode .

Translating a java programme into a bytecode makes it easier to run a programme in a wide variety of environments because only JVM needs to be implemented for each programme.

  • Some basic features of java  are presented here:

Simple: java has a concise, cohesive set of feature that makes it easy to learn and use.

Secure:java provides secure means of creating internet applications .

Portable: java programme can run on any environment which has java run-time system.

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Object oriented: Java have modern object oriented philosophy.

High performance: The java bytecode is highly optimized for speed of execution.

Distributed: java designed for distributed environment of internet.

Methods in Java

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