There is a lot of talks about the term social bookmarking sites will help in SEO or not. And if you are new to this term, you will slowly realize how much it can help you in bringing traffic to your website.

Social bookmarking  is powerful and beneficial when differentiated with other online promotional techniques. The main specialty is its ability to share links, which generates more traffic to your website.

Best Social Bookmarking Sites 2017

What is social bookmarking?

How would you define the term social bookmarking to a new person? Probably, the best answer would be – while surfing the internet, do you ever Digg it? Or do you prefer to Stumble? Or maybe you like to get Pinterested. If yes, then you’re using social bookmarking sites!

Social Bookmarking is basically an online technique for putting away, arranging, sharing and finding bookmarks of site page of your choice. A social bookmarking service permits users to save links they have an enthusiasm for, and also sharing them with others online users.

It is a technique to store, arrange, find, and oversee bookmarks on the internet with the assistance of metadata. In one sentence, it is a process of saving bookmarks to any public oriented website and labeling them with “keywords” to share with others.

Social Bookmarking is presently a noteworthy building block for driving traffic to your site. If it is done properly, you can hope to utilize it as a straightforward and inexpensive strategy for natural search engine referred traffic to your website. Social bookmarking can be widely used to increase your revenues from Adsense and affiliate marketing.

Social Bookmarking itself has a broad range of methodologies. You ought to, however, be mindful so as not to exaggerate it and be treated as a spammer. It can likewise bring about your being banned from that particular website. The only solution to this issue is to take after appropriate morals and uprightness when you socially bookmark your sites.

How social bookmarking benefits in SEO?

There are numerous advantages of social bookmarking to make it justified even despite your time. Benefits include traffic more engaged to your target audience and target market, faster indexing on search engines, and enhanced page rankings search engines.

Drive Targeted Traffic –

There are various social bookmarking sites on the web. Adding your web page to a social bookmarking site can drive a good amount of traffic to your site. A significant portion of them is focused on activity particular to your point. Pages saved in social bookmarking sites are sorted out by applying tags or keywords to it. This suggests that any user who is looking for a particular tag can discover bookmarks that are connected with it and see the how many users bookmarked them. Some also permit commenting on the same.

Enhances Page Rank –

High PR social bookmarking sites have extraordinary worth according to search engines. The most well-known ones among them have page positions inside 10. Web crawlers will list results from social bookmarking sites. So if your site is bookmarked correctly, there is an additional chance to appear in search results. It likewise enhances search engine ranking for the site.

Boost Popularity of Website –

Social bookmarking increases the popularity of your site. These are altered by real individuals who hunt down these sites, check the substance and rank up or down as they prefer. If these people rank well your content/link it can circulate the web and get viral, they may also share it on another social media platform or bookmarking platform producing extra traffic. This is the fundamental reason behind why social bookmarking is so effective and fascinating.

Fast Indexing:  When a web page links are submitted or stored in a bookmarking site; the probability is higher index by different search engines, normally Google or any other search engine like Bing, Yahoo may take more days to get index your web page.

Categorization:  After submitting your web page for social bookmarking, there is a category option for choosing a category which sends Google strong signal to understand search engines regarding your website’s category or nature.

How To Do Social Bookmarking For SEO?

  • Choose a Bookmarking website;( Let’s take an example of



delicious registration

  • Register on the website with username and password:

delicious registration join

  • Confirm Email: In some cases, the website may not ask for confirmation.

Delicious Registration Join Thank

After confirmation log in again into website with your selected username and password.

  • After login click on add a bookmark:

add bookmark

After click on add bookmark there will open a page which needs Title, URL, and Description(Comment.)

Add Title

Social Bookmarking website list 2017

Here are the list of free high PR Do-follow social bookmarking sites list 2017

Social bookmarking does not only provide SEO benefits but can also be proved as a very power online marketing tool. Since the ranking of the bookmarked links solely depends on the ratings by the users, viral marketing can become very successful using such online services.

SEO firms tend to rely on the notable users with a specific end goal to get their statements for the site pages/services incorporated into bookmarking sites. Occasionally, this may represent some risk if the service/item gets negative audits from the legitimate users.

There is a chance of getting marked as a spammer if the clients observe the submitted links be unessential. All these stuff make optimization a dubious yet interesting business.

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Instead of using following the traditional browser-based system of folders, most of the social bookmarking sites encourage their users to arrange their bookmarks with informal tags; albeit few services highlight categories/folders or a mix of folders and tags.

They likewise allow seeing bookmarks connected with a selected tag and incorporate data about the number of users who have bookmarked them. Some social bookmarking sites similarly draw deductions from the relationship of tags to make bunches of tags or bookmarks.

If you have any Social bookmarking site, please comment below.

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