Advantage of Digital Media: Ever thought of watching your favourite movie at 3 o clock in the morning and successfully doing so without waking up the rest of the family? Well I have done so and I have been able to do it owing to the ability of viewing my favourite movie online on my laptop – no discs, DVDs etc. required.

What I mean to say that digital media has a huge advantage over traditional media. In order to shed light on my opinion let me elaborate on it using some examples given below (Take special note of the headers before reading the paragraphs).


The element of portability is a key aspect of digital media. It is independent of physical storage devices and therefore can be stored on PCs, smartphones and laptops as memory files. Although CDs and DVDs are still in place however they are no longer the sole options to look to when it comes to the storage of media elements for example movies.

Advantage of Digital Media

Dynamic inventory

Let understand this portion by taking a look at an avid movie-lover. This person spends a lion’s share of his leisure time in watching movies. He lives in a small apartment and owns nothing but an LCD, a laptop and a bed. An obvious inference that comes to one’s mind is that the room of this person must be filled with CD and DVDs stacked in huge numbers and occupying ever free space of the room.

However, this inference turns out to be a baseless one when one takes a look at the room – A one-person bed atop a floor covered by an elegant carpet which hosts a table and a chair. The walls of the rooms are decorated by three wall-to-wall carpets and an LCD. The tables sports a swanky laptop. Not a single CD or a DVD can be seen.

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How is this possible one might think! This is possible simply because the huge number of movies reside inside the laptop of this person as media files and they frequently get replaced with new ones as and when the person downloads them.

This person also prefers downloading movies since he hates to wait for a few days of shipping after having ordered the movie. When it comes to money all he does is make an online purchase of the movie or rather of the media file containing that movie within a matter of minutes. Such is the capability of digital media at the disposal of this person.

Cost reduction

Finally let’s consider the cost-aspect associated with digital media. Starting from the standpoint of production, there is a complete elimination of production costs of storage devices on which media files get stored. Instead the cost associated with production is actually the cost of hosting downloads or of streaming from the cloud. The cost of hosting downloads is infinitesimal when compared to the cost involved in:

  • Building factories
  • Training workers
  • Acquiring raw materials

It is far cheaper to host media files online than to distribute discs containing these files to retailers. Furthermore, the cost associated with replacing defective discs is overshadowed by the absence of cost involved in online redistribution of the replacement for a corrupted media file.

Physical storage

There are always unforeseen problems associated with the maintenance of inventory – a common problem with every business. However this problem is an element of the past for businesses dealing in digital media. Simply because they do not physically store their finished products. Rather they store them online and their customers can purchase and download them through the parent websites and shopping portals. This also reduces a rampant problem of piracy of media elements.

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As an example, the film industry is beset with the problem of piracy with pirated copies of movies coming out for sale before the actual release of the movie. This is severely detrimental to the business of the production houses making the movies and the distributors hosting these movies in numerous movie halls. With the advent of digital media, the problem of piracy is nullified since there is no physical storage device to steal and copied.

By virtue of the aforementioned paragraphs, I think I have made my point pertaining to the advantages of digital media over traditional media. People are bound to think differently and therefore there will be lots of people who will disagree to what I have said here. I urge them to provide their thoughts with the fervour with which I have put forth my thoughts in the form of this blog post.


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