tress is the most important factor that most of the people are suffering these days and it is considered as the cause for various health related problems. Stress also increases the health problems such as obesity, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, asthma and many more. Stress is the reaction to stimulus disturbing mental or physical equilibrium.

Stress is also considered as the omnipresent part of everyone’s life but it could also trigger natural “fight-or-flight” response hormones like cortisol and adrenaline through the body. Here is a list of significant health problems that is related to stress.

Top 5 Health Problems Related To Stress

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Obesity is the condition that the individual accumulates more body fat but it causes more negative effects in regular health conditions. Consider that an individual has bodyweight of at least 20% more than the normal condition then it is considered that the individual is suffering from the obesity problems. Body Mass Index with 25 to 29.9, then you will be having overweight. The BMI with more than 30 is considered as the obese. Consuming too much calories is the main cause for the obesity.

With the increased sweetened drinks consumption raises the carbohydrate level in the body so that it produces the excess fat in the belly. When you having the obesity condition, then it would automatically cause more health risk and it will provide you more physical appearances. High stress in the body also the main cause for the hormone cortisol levels that would increase the obesity in the body as it increases the fat deposition in abdomen. Some of the causes of the obesity are

  • Consuming too many calories
  • Leading sedentary lifestyle
  • Less sleeping
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • Smoking
  • Obesity gene
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Top 5 Health Problems Related To Stress

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Asthma diseases are the inflamed airways and it will become more worse in the swollen along with the muscles around the airways. Therefore, the airways will be tightening so that the breathing process would be stopped during the respiration activity. Asthma is the chronic disease in airway of the lungs.

Normally the bronchial tubes or airways allow the air to breath in and out of lungs. Asthma is one of the major diseases that people with stress or suffering in the modern day. Chronic stress increases the risk of asthma in the children so that it is necessary to avoid certain habits that would give you more option for relieving from stress. Asthma symptoms are

  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Chest tightness

Most of the asthma sufferers become the victim due to the physical activity. The healthy people could easily develop the asthma symptoms so that exercising would be great option for decreasing the asthma diseases in the extensive manner. Staying active is the most important option for staying healthy so you can spend some time for doing the simple exercises and eating natural diet.


Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is the metabolic diseases with higher blood glucose or blood sugar. Insulin production in the body will be inadequate and the body cell would not respond to insulin properly.

Most of the patients who are normally suffering from the high blood sugar will experience the polyuria or frequent urination so that they would become thirsty and hungry often. Many different Diabetes diseases are seen according to the different stages

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Type 1 diabetes:

When the individual is suffering from the Type 1 diabetes, then his or her body does not produce the insulin. The individual is referred as the insulin-dependent diabetes, early-onset diabetes or juvenile diabetes. Individuals who are above the age of 40 would have the type 1 diabetes.

Approximately 10% of diabetes patients have the Type 1. Patients with the Type 1 diabetes needs to take the insulin injections to improve the body insulin for rest of their life. Ensuring the proper blood glucose level is most important regularly so that they need to follow the special diet.

Type 2 diabetes:

When the patient is suffering from the Type 2 diabetes, the body would not produce the proper function insulin. Diabetes patient must also measure the glucose level in the blood so it is necessary to control the body conditions with the doing exercise as well as monitoring blood glucose levels.

Type 2 diabetes is normally considered as the progressive disease and patient needs to take insulin normally in the Tablet form. Obese or Overweight people would have more risk of Type 2 diabetes when compared to the normal healthy people with body weight. Stress could also worsen the diabetes as it increases the bad behaviors like the excessive drinking and unhealthy eating.

Heart disease:

Researchers states that the Heart disease such as higher risk of high blood pressure are caused by the frequent stress in the daily. The release of triglycerides and cholesterol into blood stream is the main cause of the heart attacks.

Stress is also related to the other kind of heart diseases and it also increased through the obesity or smoking. Doctors also suggest that the sudden emotional stress could easily trigger the serious cardiac problems like heart attacks.

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Acute stress is the most important factor for chronic heart problems so it is necessary to manage the unavoidable stresses to become the successful in life. Heart related problems are quite risky and it even leads to death of the individuals.

Nowadays even the younger people also suffering from the heart problems so that it is convenient to do the appropriate measure for solving these problems. Staying physically active is helpful for preventing or delaying the heart diseases so that it relives from the stress in the excellent manner. Inactivity is often accompanied with the age or the living environment.

Alzheimer’s disease:

Alzheimer’s disease is the dementia which causes the memory problems like thinking as well as behavior. This common form of dementia will cause the memory loss along with other kind of intellectual abilities.

Stress normally worsens the Alzheimer’s disease that causes the brain lesions quickly. Most of the researchers also states that reducing stress would decrease the potential slow down of Alzheimer’s disease.