oday’s trend the mobile is the passion, every people are wishing to buy the new trendy and modern Android mobile phones. So we introduced the best android mobile phones to this generation. So you also buy one Android phone for your passion and trendy life.

The Android mobile world is like a sea, you cannot decide which is the best one. Day to day it coming with new features, you cannot select because the different mobiles having the most different features.

So, in 2016, we introduced some the best and the top Android mobiles for your best trendy life and it will be easy for your selection. The top trendy Android mobile phones: Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Huawei Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S6, and One Plus2. Will see about these mobiles, how these are at top most places in India 2016 April.

We have given the features and get more information. The following Android phones are tested by the digital labs with the consumer technologies.

Which Android mobile has the greatest place in India

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the best and branded one in the Android mobile phone to this current trend. It obtains the first place in India, and also it describes and it beings with the humane device.

Comparing to Galaxy 4 it is lighter one with the thinner bezel, clarity of display and its performance speed, and the pen features. It has the expandable storage device with the model of 128 GB. The top features are:

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1. Fast charge: today’s busy world the peoples have no more time to charge the Android mobile phones. But this has the adaptive fast charging feature, it will charge 50% power within a thirty minutes.

2. The Hotspot: through this feature you can share the mobile data and connection with the other devices, through the wireless access called Wi-Fi.

3. KNOX security: the note 5 has this facility to protect the sensitive data at multiple levels.

4.The perfect pictures: it has built with the image stabilization with the light sensor. It has the clear pictures in any situation. In home itself, it displays the camera features.

5. The Envy creation: it has the more mimic control settings with advanced DSLR cameras.

6. The officeAPP: the office app provides the site to execute the office activities at daily bases. Through this, we can edit the documents, more presentations, and the spreadsheets and so on.

The Huawei Nexus 6P advanced features

It launched in 2015 October, the display is 5.70 inches screen and the resolution is 1440/2560 pixels. To this, we provide 2GHz core Qualcomm processor and the RAM is 3GB. The internal storage is 32GB, with the primary cameras has the 12.3 megapixels and the front has the 8 megapixels.

The Android version is 6.0 and with the nonremovable battery, the power is 3450mAh. To this we provide single SIM, the connections are Wi-Fi, PS system,Bluetooth, the network is 4 with the light sensor and so on. It has the great out and inner design with built options.

The camera is too excellent with fantastic display features. And also the good performance with the well APPs. To this Android mobile, we provide more additional features and services. So get safe services and we treat the every customer as a friend.

We hundred percent for the quality product, in future, if need any services regarding the Huawei Nexus 6P Android phone, our services always opened for you.

The OnePlus 2 smartphone Description 

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The OnePlus 2 smartphone we launched in 2015 July. The touchscreen display is 5.5 inches with the LCD resolution of 1080 into 1920 pixels.

The pixel density is 401 pixel per inch. The thickness of 9.8 millimeters and the power is 1.8 Ghz, the RAM is 4GB. It has the 64GB internal capacity and it successfully runs with the multiple applications and graphic processor.

Here no extensible memory for the extension. Already we offered the 64-bit internal memory for the storage. The battery has the 3300 mAh capacity, I will work longer without any issues. This is the comfort one for who having the trendy life in the modern world. this has the dual sim facilities includes the HOTspot and the Bluetooth.

The camera has the auto focus shooter with the highly qualified video recording.also, the front camera having the 5-megapixel clarity. Also it basically from the premium of the secondary flagship. It only runs with the snapdragon 810 processers with the 4B RAM. It protected by the gorilla glass3 and we do not offer any SD cards for this.

The camera work with the OSI (Optical Image Stabilization). Get this phone for your official and also for your personal.

The Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has the suspicion features and the good lifetime. it launched in 2015 march, the size of the touch screen is 5.1 inches. With the OLED capacity of touching screen, the resolution is 1440 into 2560 pixels. But this has not protected with the screen scratch display.

The thin contains the 6.8 millimeters and the 138 of scale gram. The core processor is quad Exynos of 7420, with the three GigaByte RAM. These are the features are help you to run smoothy and multiple applications on this.

The packs are the graphic processor, the internal memory is thirty-two GB internal memory and it is not extensible for further enlargement locally. The Android version is 5.0 operated system, the battery power is 1550 mAh. The extra option contains the single sim connectivity with the GPS and etc. the back camera has 16 megapixels shooting capacity.

It will recognize the face detection, it capable of shooting the front selfies with the 5 megapixels. There are two types of models in this: the first one is metal and the second one is glass design model.

The Android called lollipop with the octa-core process is coupled with 3B PDDR4 advanced RAM. For the lock scree the fingerprint recognization also available. This only made for the high security of data maintenance. So get more advanced Android mobile phones on our site and get more benefits with the secured enabled features.