Mobile users are increasing every day in the midst of increasing population with the plan to see the entire world with the tiny device; cell phone or the mobile phones. There were millions of mobile users using different apps in that tiny device which runs with little speed when compared to the computers today.

So these apps are to be optimized so that publishers today will be happy to publish their websites which can be viewed by all the mobile users without and hurdles. App store optimization will give you the low-cost app exposure which makes your publishing gets a higher number of quality customers and increased revenue.

Some of the core components of App Store Optimization were Keywords which comprises of Name, Description, and localization, Visuals comprises of icons and screenshots, and Off-site Factors includes a number of downloads ratings, reviews, tracking and optimizing keywords.

Due to variations in the app, there were two separate app stores to have in today’s mobile. They are Apple App Store and Google Play App Store Optimization.

Important Features of App Store Optimization

The importance of ASO is essential to understand between targeted search queries and the keywords. SEO needs keywords which will take a significant amount of time. There won’t be much competition when it comes to the searching part. We have to look for the more search volume with the lowest competition.

App Store gives you 100 words for listing keywords which will be possible by the follow techniques. Never use spaces after commas which are not visible to the mobile users. Never repeat the keywords.

Try to use numbers instead of typing them. Many times mobile users will try to search for shorter keywords with various combinations. Never concern about pluralizing. Never use stop the words like the, on, in, at etc…

You should make use of all 100 words because keywords have the biggest effect on app store search rankings. When you are not able to increase your app’s search ranking, you are missing so many searching that is available on the net.

There were many apps emerging every day ranking one above the other. The reality behind is most of the publishers do not invest in ASO. Now as the advantages are increasing every day for the entire world to look in the apps of the mobile.

Optimization of your App Store is very essential and it will be our great weapon to publish your web page secretly. Spending more time on this issue will bring an impact on optimizing the search engines.

Mechanism involved in ASO (App Store Optimization)

The keywords should be the heaviest for the search traffic. If you try to change your title it will be very difficult for the words to be spread. Spend time more time in finding more keywords so that you will be able to increase your ranking to the higher level and gain more users to look upon.

To improve the search rankings, use relevant keywords for the targeted audience. This help in monitoring every week with comparing with the competitor.

The most important thing is that when you are keep changing your keywords you get the number of viewers and you will be able to optimize them regularly. You will not have control over the downloads that is taken place daily.

There will numerous ratings and reviews about your app which will publish your websites every day. Keywords on the apps are the important factors which determine the ranking.

The score of the app with and without keywords are being shown below to show the ranking of your keywords for searches.

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The picture showing that the keywords on the title have a higher ranking than the title which has no keywords place.

Therefore, keywords are playing a vital role in optimizing the app to be placed on the higher range. Only the app store and the developer will know the number of times the app being downloaded.

We know only the rating rather than the number of times being downloaded. The difference between the competitive keywords and the difficult works makes the category of your ranking.

Time involvement in the App Store Optimization

ASO should be monitored and continuously taken care over a period of time because the keywords you feed should be optimal for the search. Most of the developers pick the keywords at the last second during their submission because the search will not happen before submission.

For any web developers, there is a direct effect involved in the optimization of the App Store in publishing their websites. They have to keep track of the ranking and their competitors which will affect their searches.

Mobile App Marketing can increase their search through App Store Optimization

If you are trying to present your app to your customers, the cheapest and the most effective way are to perform through ASO.

The important part of the ASO finds the right topics or the keywords which will be capturing your customers. The important task is to find the right keywords that will be added as a goldmine for your app.

This will bring more customers to install those apps on their mobile and search every week with all your updates. The web page is more or equal to Mobile page search which is optimized through ASO. Using right keywords on your app will bring more customers for the searches made through app presented on the mobile.

The visual is an important fact which will grab the customer’s eye. If your app is not clear and not understood by your buyer your rate for the app will go down and the viewer will be very low. Your icon should stand same as your app stand. The first impression of your app will be the visualization of your icons presented.

The best idea would be making your icon consistent through the app and same with your website. Describe features with the image of your app to get the customers eye wide open.