Having 15 minutes workout for your fitness will keep your body active and fresh for the whole day and additional it helps to keep the doctor and medical away from you. Due to a fatty food item and other bakery items, the body gain more weight so you have to work out at least more 15 minutes to protect the body from the major harmful effects.

Here few work out that you must follow regularly to keep the body as active. Even though you can find out a number of the product out to make the body as fit but it works for few month and the result will never stay static.

It is just waste of money. In order to keep the body as healthy, just spend 15 minutes, which really work on body and remain to health. Even some of the health program conduct on the TV shows which relay helpful to built body as active and fresh for the whole day.


Warm Up exercise

A: At first, you must stand with help of feet hit width elbows bent and at the same time, the hand must be in the fist in front of both shoulders. Then push back hips slowly and bend knees to the lower level to squat and reach arms overhead.

Note: The finger must widespread with palms face.

B: Then you have to press heel to back to stand and star with least range of motion and the respective body get warmer, then lower deeper get into squat and make hand reach behind the head. Ongoing with this type of exercise, which take one minute to complete?  

Dumbbell Squat

A: You must stand first with the help of feet width and hold the dumbbell by side position and then push back hips and bend the knees to lower part into the squat then you must make weight on either side and push via with heels to get back to the same position and then repeat up to 1 minute.

Dumbbell shoulder press

A: You have to stand with help of feet hip width and hold dumbbells in each hand with same weight. Then make arms to bend into the front shoulder and make face in palms.

B: Then you make brace abs to tight and increase the arm to head by pressing weight. Then slowly get down weight to return to the same position. Then you must repeat up to 1 minute.

Dumbbell Deadlift

A:  You have to grab two dumbbells and stand with help of feet hip width and you must keep the kneed position as bent and make palms facing tight.

B: You must keep the spine straight as naturally, make the brace abs in tight, and then try to hinge forward from hips. Then you have to reach dumbbells towards feet up the chest come to parallel to the workout areas. Then you have engaged glutes to increase torso back to the early position.


A: you must get into plank position along with feet together and keep the hand over the floor, which must be wider than your shoulder. Then you have to bend elbows until chest above the floor and go for press back up in very short time. Then you have to repeat the same exercise up to 1 minute.

Tabatha Top off

It has two type of work to keep the body as active so it is more important to work out and get the great support for the body.

  • Sprint on the sport
  • Squat Thrust Up and over

Sprint on the spot

To work out on this exercise, you must stay in one place and make drive knees up to the chest and be pumping the arms respectively for 20 seconds. Then rest of the 10 seconds and then do 1 set of Tabatha Top off 2: then it will help to cut down the unwanted muscles away from the body with natural manner. Then you have to repeat up to 20 seconds. Therefore, you should not spend money out for a major medical product to cut down the body weight.

Squat Thrust Up over

You have to make your lower into a squat and then you must place the hand on the floor below the shoulder. Then jump feet back into the squat and bend arms on sides. Then jump up out of the squat and then make left swinging arms to move body offer the landing in the squat. Then immediately go again with the same work out up 20 seconds.

Prison workout

It is kind of the small cell work but it can work on every muscle group with no lot of space. Then you need to pushups as well as squats, which may not be most exciting moves. Therefore, it will be an easier way to cut down the major calories to burn.

Hindu squats

It is same as traditional squat but instead of the stop during the legs must keep parallel to the ground. Then you must continue down it and drop down the butt toward the heels up to the fingertips. Therefore, you have to follow the same exercise and get a better solution with no risk.

Ongoing for the work out it, help to stop gain the body weight and give hand to lose the unwanted body weight. At the same time, it can engage in the physical activity to burn calories. Then it helps to prevent the major harmful disease to the body.

Some of the business people do not have enough time to work out and as result, they gain a lot of weight and fail to get a good look. Therefore, they have to follow the above 15 minutes workout with step up to keep the body as active and fresh for the whole day with no risk.

Additional it helps to develop the mood and keep the memory power as sharp and active for the whole day with no risk. Then it will give hand to improve the boost energy level to high so you must allocate 15 minutes to work out and keep the body as fit and slim to enhance elegant look.

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